SURPRISE!!! I'm in Surprise! January 30, 2017

This transfer has been amazing. I've met amazing people. Elder Thaut went home, I miss him. But before he left he gave me his bike. So free bike. Took his cool sandals too.
Uh, news from the week. We got another flat on Tuesday and took it to Fletcher's. It went well. We got a new tire. We got a new missionary schedule. Cool stuff. Pday is two hours longer (but today pday was shredded because #transfer. We ate dinner with some of my favorite people ever, the McWilliams.  About sixty missionaries got transferred. They're reworking boundaries so a lot of movement stuff happened. So they also haven't told anyone specifics on anything.

the next day...
SURPRISE!!! I'm in Surprise!
It's not rural here. It's weird and unnatural that there is a lack of fields and farms and dirt roads. I'm going to die. But it's going to be awesome. My new companion is Elder Christiansen, I was in the MTC at the same time as him. I love in a suburb and I realize I don't miss suburbs. But there are four elders there and that's always fun. Elder Dill and Fipps live there.

I'm still alive, but still in a car area. Well hello 20 extra pounds.

What happened is my two wards were split and divided amongst two other companionships because mission zone boundaries had to change and there are fewer missionaries to cover that.

Love you, Elder Gonna Get So Fat

These are two different hikes. One with elders and one with the Penrods. We burn a tie on our 6 month anniversary.

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