I must've been hungry...I ate part of a fork. February 6, 2017

This week was slower and there were less days since last pday, so not much happened. But I moved to Surprise! We've spent our moments introducing ourselves to new members because Elder Christiansen who was over Copper Canyon, White Tanks, and Cortessa ward is now with me and we're both over Copper Canyon, and Surprise 1st and 2nd. So we both have two wards where we don't know anyone! But it's been super fun getting to learn who people are. My two favorite familys so far (I mean three) are the Halls, they're neice and nephew moved in with them and are going to be baptized soon. And also the Grovers, Brother Grover is our ward mission leader and he is super excited to help us out with the ward. And also the Hardings who are super fun. Brother Harding is into D&D so we hit it off. The Elders here are awesome. Elder Phipps and Dill are both really experieced and super cool. I've liked getting to know them. I don't know if I told you but Christiansen and I were in the MTC at the same time. We've both been out for almost 200 days now. Funny story true story, I was eating at a dinner with a plastic fork and I mustve been hungry because I accidentally ate a peice of one of the points. It was awkward but it was the Halls so they thought it was funny.

1 At the Penrods. We all hit ourselves with an ink pad
2 my new house
3 my new desk
4 the Elders I live with
5 Elder Christisnsen's mom sends holiday pillowcases
6 my new district
Elder Christiansen is the one sitting in the front in the pillowcase picture. That's my companion. He's cool.

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