On your mark, get set, GO! July 27, 2016

What a great couple of days! Lots of tears, hugs, and laughter from all those that love him because we will all miss him so much! But we also got to see him set apart as a missionary which was amazing. We took one more set of photos at the Provo City Center Temple, ate some delicious pizza, and then dropped him off at the Missionary Training Center in Provo this afternoon. The missionaries that greet you all stand on the curb as you're pulling in. They smile and wave and make it a point to be excited which was so sweet. After going through a few more tissues on the ride home we were so excited to get an email after only an hour of dropping him off. From here on out, I will keep my comments brief so you can mostly here from Elder Gray about his life as a missionary. Thanks for the love everyone. We have felt it and are so grateful :)
Carma, Arizona Missionary Momma

From Elder Gray:
I made it in and everything is great, I already met my companion. His name is Elder Durrett and he's from Texas. He's really cool. After moving around a lot and seeing everything I finally sat down and then I got to come here to send a quick email. I found my room thanks to my MTC host and now I'm just about to get back to class. It all moved really fast. I barely put my luggage in the room before I ran off to class. My room is on the highest floor and I found out my bag is very heavy. 

I love all of you.

I love to see the Temple. June 25, 2016

From Elder Gray:
"The temple is a place where one worships God our Eternal Father. It is a house of refuge and a house of prayer. The temple is a place of peace. Whenever I am at the temple I feel peace and love. The feelings I have there bring me comfort through the trials that I have in my life. I know the temple is a holy place and I wish to have the temple as a goal in my life for the rest of my life until I have the opportunity to live with God again. The temples are beautiful and I am grateful for the presence and effect they have had on my life."

From Elder Grays Mom:
"I felt nothing but absolute joy and happiness seeing my son in the Celestial room of the temple! I am a convert. My sweet high school friends, along with two missionaries, changed my life when they helped me develop my relationship with God. I will be forever grateful for them and for Taylor's choice to share the gospel. Maybe one day another mom will have the chance to see her children in the temple because of what Taylor taught her :)"

 We struggled a little to get a good picture 
and my hubby and son were not very sympathetic to my hair/wind situation :)

Families are Forever

Called to Serve. April 30, 2016

Dear Elder Gray,
You have been hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Arizona Phoenix Mission.