About Elder Gray

My son Taylor is a lot of things:

He’s a Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master...I’ve never been so proud:)  He’s never really cared about what others thought of his clothing choices which is why you can sometimes see him wearing tall white socks with his crocs. He’s a dancing machine. He has spent hours jamming out to bands like Journey and Earth, Wind, and Fire while dancing his heart out in my kitchen. He’s also very disorganized. For those of you that have had to spend any time in his bedroom, I apologize. But he’s also very kind. His Elementary School teacher told me that he would often show up for school, stop in the doorway, and scan the class. He would then go play with the one kid who didn't have a friend. He has always had a tender heart. He's very funny and very silly. he's always been committed to his family, his church, and his moral character.

He has always believed that people are good and God is great! We are so grateful for his willingness to forget himself for 2 years and serve the amazing people in Arizona. This blog will be a recap of things he's learned, people he's met, and everything wonderful that comes from serving a mission. Thanks for following his journey :)