Heyyyyyyyy! Feb 19, 2018

I don’t even know what to call these anymore.

This week I got a new comp! His name is Elder Loertscher (I might’ve spelled that right). It’s pronounced Lurtcher so don’t try to sound it out by looking at it. He’s a Denver guy.

We taught Gavin again this week and put the kid on date. The ward has been working in them for a minute so it’s super cool to see their hard work coming to fruition. The girls all want to get baptized as well. They’re a cool family. We taught him to Gospel of Jesus Christ this week, which really is the center of everything. Faith->Repentance->Baptism->The Spirit->Keep Going. In essence, that’s really it. Everything we do comes back to that.

We also went up to the Grand Canyon to keep helping the Kelsos. They just got baptized and they’re still doing awesome. The youngest had some concerns about resurrection cuz he pictures zombies. He also was worried about the spirit world because of ghosts n stuff. (If anyone got that last reference hollar!) but back to the kelsos, he’s a funny kid. His fears were put at ease.

District meeting was fun if you couldn’t tell by the pictures.

Last announcement. I’m just about done working on this Book of Mormon. I’ve been attempting the make notes in the whole thing for an investigator who asked for one. It’s been my favorite thing to study after getting into it. It is the greatest witness to me of Jesus Christ. Y’all should read that stuff.

Keep being awesome everyone. Gray out!

Full Circle. Feb 13, 2018

This week was awesome I got to go back to Cottonwood. The sticks set it up to bring all the missionaries from our zone and go on splits with a ton of members so we could knock on a ton of peoples doors. I talked to a guy that really wanted to come back to church for a while and he’s struggling with it for a while but I know he’ll make it one day. It was weird seeing the place where I started my mission, is very nostalgic, but I loved it.

We total listen to the beginning of this week to get a kid named Julian. We met him through our ward mission leader. We’ve been able to teach in the first lesson and got him a book of Mormon. He’s got some struggles and some worries about the church but I think we can help him. He’s a really good kid.

I think my favorite piece of news is about our neighbors John and Christie. They are both super cool although not to open. They’re coming along though. Christie knows a lot about religion and we really got through to her the other day when we showed her a video about Jesus Christ. I think it’s cool to know how much knowing what Jesus Christ has done for us can change our attitude no matter if we don’t believe in him or if we believe in him if we just started in the church where if we’ve been a little lives we can always learn more about Jesus Christ. 

You’re not the news we got stuck in the snow this morning, but we got out. Thank you for good members.

New suit. Jan 29, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Near the beginning this week we were invited to attend the high school basketball game. I didn’t know what we were there but we went and we ran into a young man named Julian. Good kid and friends with a ton of the youth at church. So we invited him to church in Sunday and he set an alarm right there so he’d remember. More info to come.

We had a lesson with the Ramsy’s again. She is committing to read the Book of Mormon so she can really find her answer. I know as she reads she really will. We also talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Which talks about baptism. Which really is that next step after God tells you the church is true. Because if the Book is true then the church is too (haha rhyme!). And if you’ve already been baptized, then the next step after finding out the Book is true is church to renew your covenant with God.

We also taught Gavin the Plan of Salvation this week. We drew it up on the board for him and helped him see the steps. It really helped him understand. Especially since he’s so young and hasn’t come to church in a while. It is important to know the steps, but more important to know how Christ is central to each phase in our eternal life. Gavin also wants to move towards baptism so we are helping him know what he’s getting into.

Fernando is a fellow we ran into knocking doors, he’s a cool guy with a cool beard. We knocked on his door and he told us he had about five minutes. So we ran through the whole Restoration right there. He invited us back thank goodness and he accepted a Book of Mormon. We hope he reads because there’s power in that book.

And I don’t know if any of your remember Brianna from Surprise. I taught her with Towle about a year ago and she has gotten baptized just this Saturday. She lives in Flagstaff now so I was able to go. It was so awesome to see! 

Julian from the basketball game did come to church and loved it a ton. He’s going to the mutual activity this week as well with the youth. Was awesome!

So about the new suits. They aren’t church suits which would be cool. There are some retired military in our ward and they gave us their old military suits. Our zone activity for this pday was nerf war. So Cheese and I decked out and dressed up. Super fun activity this pday. I had a good time!

Btw, Elder De La Cruz says hi to all of you.

Nerf war
Brianna, me, and Elder Towle

Bearz!! Jan 22, 2018

Elder Cheese and I just got back from Bearizona, which is basically the zoo of Williams. It was cool!

I knew it was probs gonna be a weird week when I was the best man at the wedding on Monday for a man I met Sunday. I knew it would be even weirder when there were 7 people at the service. All in all, very fun experience. First wedding I remember going to. Super fun couple too! Did I mention I was a best man. Cheese was too, but so was I!

It snowed again!! It sucked, we biked, it was cold and wet.. but it snowed!! We went and shoveled our neighbor's driveway and it was cool. We are trying to start teaching them, but regardless we think they are the coolest people probably ever!

We also got smartphones. It’s been odd... Before my mission, I got it through my head that I’d never use a smartphone, social media, good music, etc. But now we’ve got Samsungs, Facebook, and there is actually some cool, uplifting Christian music out there.

I went on exchanges this week with Elder Stuart. We talked about how it’s been so long since we came out (he was only 6 weeks after me) and how different it is now. It was fun! I spent the day in Flagstaff. It was cold there too haha!

Just remember, the Lord has his way of doing things. I’ve learned you can’t stop anything if the Lord wants it done. He really does have it all under control and planned out. And the best part is that as you have faith and follow that plan He already has you learn it really is all for your good.

Have a good one everyone!

They stole our truck. Jan 15, 2018

Disclaimer: our truck wasn’t stolen. Some elders did something to their truck and one of them is unable to bike. Cheese and I drew the short straw. My legs are on fire!

Also, hello everyone! (What happened this week, I gotta send something. Hold please..)

So the week started with a day (I still have no idea what happened this week.)

It was awesome! (Hmm, I know we did something....)

We went up to Grand Canyon again this week! (I knew we did something cool!) We are teaching that on Family the recent convert lessons, which are literally the same lessons we teach before a baptism. But now they have what’s called the gift of the Holy Ghost. So they learn a lot more from the original lessons because the spirit can now teach them 24/7. But we also got another referral for up there. We are not allowed to drive up there because of mileage limitations so we had a member who works there drop us off with the bikes. We planned this around Thursday so we could accomplish weekly planning as well. In order to hit everything, we had to be biking nearly constantly. We got just under 30 miles in. ‘Twas fun!

We also got pied in the face!!! We are doing a ward initiative to help members do missionary work. We got a pie full of whipped cream in the face and then went right to our online proselyting appointment. Turns out whipped cream makes my hair look fine, but it does not smell fine. So good thing it was a video lesson instead of inside the home lesson haha!

Not much else to report, just keep being awesome! Talk to you all later!

Back to Flagstaff! Jan 8, 2018

We visited flagstaff twice this week. After the new transfer we came in to meet the new district on Friday. But before district meeting we got asked to go help with service at a soup kitchen. The sisters were helping them make sandwiches and needed some assistance so we went over with him. We made about 200 sandwiches in an hour it was awesome. And I district meeting we met the new district, which they had split without telling us so we met a whole different group of people than we thought we were going to. But it’s OK because we love the new district.

The other time we went over to visit Flagstaff was to go to a baptism Elder cheese had in his old area. It was super cool! She invited her whole family to come see. Elder cheese also had to give a talk and he killed it! Before we went over to the baptism we got a call from the zone leaders who let us know about a phone service project that was going on before where we helped a ward stack a bunch of wood that they had gotten from the fairgrounds nearby. We got really messy. But it was also fun.

A goal I kind of have for this year and for this next transfer is the read more out of the book of Mormon. Because it really is awesome. I’ve learned more from Christ from that book them from any other book. And have learned more from it especially when I read in the New Testament as well. It truly is the word of God and I’d invite anyone reading this to try it out as well and look for all Christ teachings within its pages.

I hope you all have an amazing day wherever you are and keep being awesome!

Elder Gray

2017!!! Jan2, 2018

With the new year there’s a new transfer and I’m staying in Williams! Elder Cheese is too! It was a pretty amazing week. The family in Grand Canyon had their baptism. Baptisms are always a little stressful, a lot to plan and figure out. It’s also been awhile for the branch so we had to retract them how to baptize. Haha. It all went well, we got to go up for their confirmation as well. Very small branch but a whole lot of spirit. They meet at a place called shrine of the ages which is where all the denominations meet for church. Kinda weird but cool!

But yes, I won’t be moving. Probably will stay here for awhile. Something cool that happened earlier in the week is while we were biking I saw a bird! For those who know this about me, I love birds. So I tell Elder Shoot that we gotta check out this bird. We sneak up on it and a freaking bald eagle flys out of the tree! T’was awesome!

It was a good week with a lot of good lessons. The first one is one that I’ve learned on my mission. Nothing ever happens until someone makes a decision. We have been blessed with agency. The ability to make decisions. Unless we act, nothing will ever change. If you want your life to be different them do something. To other missionaries, if you want your mission to be different, more inspiring, more satisfying, then do something. Nothing will ever change if you don’t. And remember, change is repentance if you are changing into someone who is more like Christ. That’s when your life will change for the better.

Love you all lots and happy 2018! #lastnumericalyearinmission