Elder Gray, Elder Black, & Elder White. February 20, 2017

This was an awesome week. It really started out with bikes. This Tuesday I realized that there was more wrong with my bike than I had thought. But it was all easy fixes and needed some parts. The
expensive parts of my bike that I got from Elder Thaut all worked great, it was just minor things that needed a tune up. So there's a bike shop in our area that Elder Christiansen knows really well so we decided to go there. I took my bike in and the man there asked what broke. So I started telling him what would need fixing and he said we could do a tune up on it and that would fix all of that and then some. It also looked like it'd be cheaper to do the bundle than each repair separately. If it was too expensive I planned on just buying a bike and being done with it but the repairs were only $75 and that'd get me a new bike. So I left them and went about on our Tuesday. We came back later and the bike was done. In checkout the store owner came out and said, "um, we don't charge elders for labor." She's a member and loves missionaries and I had no idea they didn't charge labor. The man who fixed my bike was confused and asked, "so they get free tune ups?" She said, "since we don't charge for labor we don't normally do full tune ups, I just fix what's broken." And as she gave me a receipt for $17 she said, "Merry Christmas."

It was definitely a tender mercy.

After that was my exchange with Elder Black. We joked that me, him and Elder White should be in a trio because that'd be hilarious. It was my first time biking and I found out I'm really bad at planning for a bike area. It was a super good day though. We were meeting with less actives but also tracting a bit at each area so that we weren't biking the whole day and could do more work. I accidentally tracted into members. They thought it was really funny and it was.

Also there were two people that Elder Phipps were teaching before the ward swap. Their names are Scott and Kristy. Their baptism was already set up when we started teaching them but their baptism was Saturday. They're super cool and were so grateful. It was a cool moment to see. Elder Christiansen baptized Scott and I baptized Kristy. It was an awesome day. Then Sunday in church they were confirmed and it was such a spiritual moment. I felt really good.

I'm hoping the next week is just as amazing as this one was.
Love you all!
Elder Taylor Gray

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