Day 200. February 13, 2017

Day 200
It's pday. So we took a ten mike hike and now we are all dead.
That's it for day 200.

Day 199
Church. Church is awesome. We go for six hours. Two hours per Ward. Wecover Surprise 1st and 2nd and Copper Canyon. Here's a map is thearea, but all medieval like and on an island. Blue is 1st red is 2nd and yellow is Copper Canyon. Brown is other area but we live there andshop there.

There's an older fellow from Romania who we've been teaching, Vioreland he came to church and loved it even though I accidentally broughthim into gospel doctrine instead of gospel principles. Oops.

Day 198
This is the heart of last week. The Halls have been taking care oftheir niece, Maxine, who's 14 and their nephew Bradley who's 12. Theother elders were teaching them and right as I got to this area we traded wards with them. And they were baptized on Saturday. It was anawesome opportunity to see them follow through.

Day 197
So Elder Christiansen got sick and I felt really bad for him. He's way better now though. I played a lot of solitaire, Pokemon cards, and almost (not really) fixed my bike.

Day 196
I had an exchange with an Elder named Elder Hulett, he's been out for a month and a half. He's super cool! I also got to eat lunch with Elder Durrett, my MTC companion. I miss that bro, he's cool.

Day 195
You got my Wednesday video. I hope to do that every Wednesday. Wednesday's are boring.

Day 194
Tuesday was a lot of lessons. We taught Scott and Kristy, who are getting baptized in a week. And Ray, who's getting baptized at the end of the month and Viorel, the Romanian man who came to church. All lessons went well.

Day 193
Last pday. Love you so much!!

Us Elders prepping for Maxine and Bradley's baptism.
Me at the house.
My improvised bike tools
My comp with a cat

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