Dos semanas para usted (Two weeks for you). January 23, 2017

So last week our reverse osmosis filter that we don't use too much stopped filtering and started flooding. Ahh! But it's all taken care of now and now I have more time to email. So now you get a big 2-week update. But first I want you to know that the mission is going amazing. I'm so glad I decided to go. I miss everyone more than I think I did before because it's been six months now, but I've been learning and growing so much that I know it will be worth it when I get to see you guys.

Last Tuesday we had all our appointments cancel and we were too far away from the other half of our area to do anything about it. So we got to tract for three to four hours or so. We decided to drop 50 passalong cards. One at each door, but every 1 out of 4 or 5 answered the door so we needed up knocking on 50+ doors that Tuesday. We also tracted this Wednesday as well. And the funny part about that is that none of the people that we knocked on the door of we've started meeting with but whenever we start knocking on doors members of others will call us and let us know that someone they know is interested in learning about the gospel. Crazy right? All success out here no matter what comes from the Lord.

I also got sick finally. It wasn't fun. It wasn't too bad but it wasn't good either. I had bad sniffles. But I'm feeling way better now.

We also got to go to the temple too. And that was amazing. We went with the Penrods who are amazing members who I count as my friends.You always learn something in the temple. And that because the spirit who is sent to teach us is present at that temple.

We've also started teaching a young boy who's trying to get baptized. His parents are going to be baptized March 4th but he doesn't want to wait. So we're trying to teach him all the lessons but also making sure that he understands it all. And it's been going really well.

We've also started teaching a young girl. And she's been learning more and more about Christ since we met her. She's super cool and enjoys learning the gospel. Her friend started taking her to
church and it's changed her life since she's learned that Christ really does live and love her.

Then we are also teaching a family. They are a super cool couple who have a bunch of horses and do team roping. They taught Elder Hilton and I how to rope a steer and put on a small rodeo for us for all the lessons we share with them. I wish I got pictures but I left everything in the car and it was a good walk back. Sorry.

Fun story, short story, true story. It rained a lot this winter and it rained a lot recently as well. A certain road was closed. The only road that takes us to the family we are teaching. But I thought I remembered a shortcut instead of going ALL the way around this other highway which would have been much shorter than what my "shortcut" turned into. There's a river here called the Hassayampa that never flows. It only occasionally becomes really muddy when it rains. My shortcut quickly took forks in the road to the point where I couldn't turn back because I couldn't remember the roads I took. Then I lost the roads because I thought I was on one. Unable to navigate my way I had to follow the"river." The bank forced me into the river and I rode through mud hoping to find a road. I did thankfully but now the truck is dirty.

Another fun story is I finally on my mission met a crazy cat lady. But it was a crazy dog lady. There were so many dogs that you couldn't walk. It was so nuts. But I lost it when she said I could take a seat and when I pulled out the chair there was a dog already laying there ready for me to pet him. It was hilarious.

Also, I wanted to say thank you for praying for me. I felt it. I love you.


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